Run26 is a full service running store that caters to the needs of every runner. Whether you are a beginner who just started running, or an experienced racer training for a national title, every runner is fitted by top quality professionals and supported throughout their training. We specialize in helping runners choose the right shoes for their specific biomechanics and individual training needs.



Monday and Thursday Night Runs!


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4 Simple Steps to Help Prevent Injuries

Being a runner you know injuries are usually part of the process. As the owner of a running store I see running injuries on a daily basis, but that doesn’t have to be the case.  I have helped many runners who thought they were “just injury prone” stay healthy. [...]

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4 Minute Mile movie

In August of 2012 Run 26 owner Shelby was lucky enough to work as a “Running Consultant” on a movie called 4 Minute Mile which was filmed in Seattle. All the running extras are local high school and college runners. It is now available to watch on Netflix [...]

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With the 2014 cross country season kicking off, Run 26 would like to remind you that College, High School and Junior High runners receive 10% off all their purchases!  We look forward to working with you and helping you stay injury free this season.

Run 26 will be hosting a second clinic, July 26th at 8am on how to train to race your best and stay injury free. It will be presented by last year’s Seattle Rock n Roll Marathon winner Yon Yilma and his coach Shelby Schenck. The clinic will cover how [...]

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