November 4, 2009

Dale » Shelby’s Sprained Ankle - 1:11 pm

After Shelby severely rolled his ankle (Grade 2 sprain) during his long run at the Redmond Watershed we immediately went to work on getting him back to running ASAP.  He started icing and elevating the ankle soon after the incident and put on some compression socks, which he’ll wear for the next few weeks to help reduce inflamation and circulation.  After a day of icing,  I massaged the ankle to release the Peroneous muscles that were in contraction.  We had him do a lot of range of motion movements and toe raises.  After 48 hrs he was able to get up on his toes without pain and we had him running for an hour that night.  He continues to ice, elevate, wear compression socks, do his range of motion exercises and get bi weekly massages.  He’s been running 50 miles a week for the last two weeks without pain and only missed two days of running.

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