December 8, 2014

Run26 » Benefits of training with a group – Cascade Run Club - 4:30 pm

One of the hardest things to do when training for an event is to motivate yourself to consistently get out the door for your run, especially in the dark winter months.  It’s easy to talk yourself out of a workout when training by yourself, this is why most successful runners train in groups.  A group setting gives you a support system and makes you accountable for your runs.  Knowing others are showing up is usually the nudge you need to get yourself to the run.  Additional benefits of group runs include time going by much faster when socializing with others, that awesome team environment at the events, formal coaching and being able to use others past experience to improve your own.  So is there any negatives to group running?  The most common one is group runs that become too competitive and ignore the goals of the training plan.  This is why its so important to choose the right group to run with when looking for running club.

The Cascade Run Club offers smart training in a group enviroment with proven results.  Coached by elite running coach Shelby Schenck, 2013 Seattle Rock nRoll marathon and 2014 Seattle Amica half marathon winner Yon Yilma and longtime Team in Training head coach Ginny Morris, you won’t find better coaching staff to help you reach your goals.  You will be taught the same training methods used by the best runners around including Yon Yilma himself.  The training plan is built around peaking properly and staying healthy while improving performance and having fun.

Cascade Run Club’s next session kicks off Saturday January 10th 9:00am at Run 26.  Please visit the website at or call Yon or Shelby at 425-948-6495 for questions or more information.




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