November 11, 2015

Run26 » The benefits of Vitamin D - 1:35 pm

One of the best things you can do to help recover from training  is to start supplementing with Vitamin D.  Vitamin D has not only been proven to help prevent injuries but it can increase athletic performance because it helps the body absorb Calcium which in turn affects bone density, nerve signal efficiency, blood pressure, your immunity system and helps maintain muscle strength as we get older.  Most people get enough Calcium but very few get enough Vitamin D.  The best source of Vitamin D is the sun so in the Northwest, especially during Winter months, almost everyone is deficient and it’s very difficult to get enough through food so you will have to supplement.  You can use either D3 (animal form) or D2 (plant form) and shoot for 2000-3000 IU’s.

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